In general, how you respond to an active shooter will be dictated by the specific circumstances of the situation/or encounter. If you find yourself involved in an active shooter situation, try to remain calm and call 911 as soon as possible. (If possible UTTC Security 701-255-3285 ext. 1200)

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If an active shooter is outside your building or inside the building you are in, you should:

Try to remain calm.
Try to warn other faculty, staff, students and visitors to take immediate shelter.
Proceed to a room that can be locked or barricaded.
Lock and barricade doors or windows.
Silence cell phones. Turn off radios or other devices that emit sound.
Turn off lights. Close blinds.
Keep yourself out of sight, stay away from windows and take adequate cover/protection.
When taking cover/protection consider concrete walls, thick desks, filing cabinets, etc.
Wait patiently until a uniformed police officer/Sheriff’s Deputy, or a UTTC Campus Official known to you, provides an "all clear".
Unfamiliar voices may be an active shooter trying to lure you from safety; do not respond to voice commands until you can verify with certainty that they are being issued by a police officer/deputy or UTTC Campus official.
If an active shooter enters your office or classroom, you should:

Try to remain calm.
Try not to do anything that will provoke the active shooter.
If there is no possibility of escape or hiding, only as a last resort when it is imminent that your life is in danger should you make a personal choice to attempt to negotiate with or overpower the assailant(s).
Call 911
If the active shooter(s) leaves the area, barricade the room or proceed to a safer location.
If you are in an outside area and encounter an active shooter, you should:

Try to remain calm.
Move away from the active shooter or the sounds of gunshot(s) and/or explosion(s).
Look for appropriate locations for cover/protection (example: brick walls, retaining walls, large trees, parked vehicles).
Try to warn other faculty, staff, students and visitors to take immediate shelter.
Call 911
What to expect from responding police officers/Sheriff’s Deputies
The objectives of responding police officers/Sheriff's Deputies are:

Immediately engage or contain the active shooter(s) in order to stop life threatening behavior.
Identify threats such as improvised explosives devices.
Identify victims to facilitate medical care, interviews and counseling.
Active Shooter Preparedness: