The general safety and welfare of students, staff, faculty and visitors is the top priority of United Tribes Technical College (UTTC).  During an actual emergency UTTC will be able to contact students, employees, and parents.

The ENS is designed to send emergency messages to enrolled campus members (students, staff, faculty & parents with children enrolled in TJES) via cellular (text) messages, telephone and/or e-mail, along with the current campus computer pop-ups & phone calls, when circumstances dictate.  In the event of an actual emergency you will receive a message that briefly explains what has happened; at that time go to for updates & more information of what to do.

With our ENS system, to ensure it is operating properly & that the message is getting out, we test it on a monthly basis; the last Friday of every month.  For whatever mode(s) of communication that you register for you will receive these test messages, all other messages will be emergency notifications.


Enrollment will be available to all students, staff and faculty of UTTC and parents of Theodore James Elementary School free of charge.
In order to receive ENS messages, members of UTTC community must enroll and provide contact information indicating by what means they would like to be notified in case of an emergency.
Personal information will be exempt.
ONLY land line phone numbers, cellular phones and e-mail will be subject to disclosure for emergency contact.
Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) any student information for the purpose of emergency notification system shall be disclosed only for this reason.
New employees will be provided with the option to enroll upon day of hire.
A specific date will be given to each enrolled member to update their information at the beginning of each new semester.  At the end of each semester we will be deleting the current list of enrolled members & you will be asked to re-enroll at the beginning of the next semester.
All members will have the choice to opt out in a timely manner.  To do so please contact myself by email at
All student/staff/faculty are highly encouraged to participate in the EMERGENCY NOTIFCATION SYSTEM.
To register, click here!