Shelter-In-Place is staying indoors and not exiting the building. It can be used in events like extreme weather conditions and public disturbances or if a hazardous material spill takes place on or around campus.

In the event an emergency, because of a threat to the campus population, a timely warning may be issued to the entire campus. This message would be transmitted by the ENS (Emergency Notification System) alerting the entire campus community of what type of incident has occurred and may include instructions to follow in order to remain safe.

Remain calm and follow these safety precautions:

Stay indoors. Make sure that all person(s) that are outdoors are moved inside the building/facility.

Close all windows and doors.

Turn off all ventilation systems (includes heating and AC)

Listen to your local radio or tv. KFYR 550 AM Radio is the designated emergency alert station for Burleigh County.

DO NOT go outside to investigate.

If your children are at school or daycare, they be instructed to remain indoors.

Follow instructions of Emergency Response Officials and UTTC Officials (Safety Director)

Only vacate building/facility after authorized personnel (law enforcement or Safety Director) have given permission to do so.

If you have a prepared emergency kit with essential disaster supplies (such as water, first aid kit, etc.), take it with you.

Burleigh County 'Shelter-in-Place' flyer: