Registrar's Office
Phone: 701.221.1850
Fax: 701.530.0636

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Upper Floor
Jack Barden Center


UTTC students are greeted by staff at the  front desk of the Student Services floor, located at the Jack Barden Center.

The Registrar's Office manages student records, including the student registration record, transfer credit, transcripts, grades, graduation, diplomas, course schedules, and other documents pertaining to student enrollment.


All students will register with the assistance of their academic advisor. This is done at the beginning of each year for new students and can be done near the end of each semester as determined on the Academic Calendar. If the academic advisor is not available (during the summer months), the student can contact the Registrar's Office and they will assist with the registration process.

Academic Calendar

Process for Appealing

Withdrawal from College - Student Initiated or College Initiated

UTTC is firmly committed to assisting students in exploring all alternatives to formally withdrawing from college. If a student decides to withdraw, a Withdrawal Form will be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The student’s academic advisor or Academic & Personal Counselor will initiate the withdrawal process for students, for both student initiated (voluntary) and college initiated (involuntary) withdrawals. The form is available on the UTTC website.

  • Student initiated withdrawal forms are processed by the Registrar’s Office within two (2) days of being received from the Academic & Personal Counselor.
  • College initiated withdrawal forms are initiated by the academic advisor and Academic & Personal Counselor. The student is notified about the withdrawal by the counselor and has ten (10) days to appeal directly to the VPAA. The VPAA will make a determination on the appeal and contact the student, the Registrar’s Registrar Policies Handbook June 2017 17 Office, Financial Aid, and the Academic & Personal Counselor within two (2) days of receiving the written appeal. The Academic & Personal Counselor will inform all interested parties of the results and the Registrar’s Office will process the appeal.


A student may appeal a final grade in any course by discussing the grade with the instructor who assigned the grade. If the result of the discussion is not satisfactory, the student may formally appeal the grade by submitting a written letter of appeal to the department chair. The written letter of appeal must be submitted to the department chair within ten (10) business days after the semester grades are due. The department chair will forward the documentation to the VPAA. The VPAA will respond to the appeal within three (3) business days with the final decision.

Articulation Agreement Information

An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement between two institutions that allows a student to apply credits earned in specific programs at one institutions toward advanced standing, entry, or transfer into a specific program at the other institution.

University of North Dakota
Bachelor of Science Community Nutrition
Bachelor of Science Dietetics
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science Technology

Mayville State University
BA Degree: Early Childhood Major
BS Ed Degree: Early Childhood Education Major

General Articulation and Credit Transfer Information

The following resources provide information on general transferability of courses for Business, Criminal Justice, and Nursing. Contact information is provided for each institution accepting transfer credits.
Business Courses
Criminal Justice Courses
Nursing Courses


The General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (GERTA) Guide outlines the General Education courses that will transfer to other institutions within the North Dakota Univeristy System (NDUS).

2016 Gerta Guide