Student Senate

UTTC recognizes the importance of student voice and encourages the participation of students in the student senate. The senate is comprised of representatives of each of the vocations. Elections from the membership at large are held annually for the following offices: student body president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and parliamentarian.

The senate is provided with a budget and staff advisors, and plans activities throughout the school year for the students including national events of the American Indian higher education consortium (AIHEC) student congress.

The Student Senate is the governing and legislative board of the student body. It serves as the primary representative of the student interests in policy formation and as an intermediary between the administration, student body and faculty. The Student Senate also serves to represent the views of students as members of the campus community.

A major purpose of the Student Senate will be to improve campus life. Other purposes include the development of resources and implementation of activities addressing various topics, including, but not limited to: leadership styles, motivation, recruitment of volunteers, time management, fund raising/marketing, recruitment and retention, decision-making, career exploration, institutional program planning and development; cultural and performing arts programs including prose, oratory, story-telling, dance, music and theater; as well as activities in tribal/community education in the areas of tribal governance, political systems and procedures, and economic development.

Open Meetings for students and staff are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month

Location: Cafeteria Conference room at noon

To contact Student Government Association officers and advisors